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The Cardboard Kingdom
by Chad Sell

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This book was about creativity and imagination. It was fun to read and I would recommend it to people that enjoy fantasy.

The Unteachables
by Gordon Korman

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Gordon Korman is such a great author! Showing the point of view of all the characters and that everyone has a shot at redemption. How the worst class became the best and the most hated teacher became a super teacher. I'd recommend this book to anyone!

Fighting caravans
by Zane Grey

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Loved the book because it was relaxing and relieving. And also it talks about a dog versus a wolf that is wild.

Plastic Gardening
by ?

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Not what I thought...I don't like the idea of using more plastic!

Little Blue Truck Leads The Way
by ?

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Not as good as the original...

China shawl
by Patricia Wentworth

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I did not figure out this mystery at all. I picked a different person as the murderer.

The Lonely Firefly By Eric Carle With Lights
by Eric Carle

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Stay Sexy And Dont Get Murdered
by Karen Kilgariff Georgia Hardstark

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For those obsessed with true crime this is the book for you. Karen and Georgia lay it all on the table leaving nothing, including the dirty underbellies, to wonder. They are real women who have had real experiences and want only to love and support those who have gone through or are going through the same thing. If you love their podcast, My Favorite Murder, then you will love the book and knowing all the things.

All These Warriors
by Amy Tintera

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Just as riveting as the first with more edge-of-your-seat action. This series does a really great job of showing what's it is like to deal with abuse in the midst of the "end of the world." It demonstrates the need to talk to those you love or a therapist to help you sort out your emotions. It touches on abusive relationships and the importance of good friends in the middle of an apocalypse as well as how to not doubt how absolutely strong you are even if you don't believe you can be.

Beyond This Moment
by Tamera Alexander

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I simply adored this book!!! Filled with God, romance, and new starts, while being set in a beautiful Colorado Country Side, Tamera Alexander scores high on my favorite books list with Beyond This Moment!! She weaves and spins and creates different characters that i have grown to know and love! A definite read for 14+!!! Enjoy it!! Thanks, Tamera!!

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