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Mckenzie's Montana Mystery
by Shari Barr

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This book was pretty good, though a little young for me, (I'm almost 13.) I believe that it would be best for 9-11 year olds. Though a great mystery content, I guess.

Finding Gobi
by Dion Leonard

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I had to read this as a book for school. At the start, it was all about the author bragging about his races that he competed in. As you read further, it is about a beautiful stray dog that gets lost in China. The author and his team set out to find her. (They do!) They also have to find a way to get her out of China to travel to Dion's home in the U.K. It is full of action and suspense. It was a great book.

Mckenzie's Oregon Operation
by Shari Barr

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This book is in the Camp Club Girls series. I did a report on one of these books before, saying it was a little too young for me. But Mckenzie's O. Operation was VERY good. The mystery content was extremely exciting, and Mackenzie is such a fun character. It was a very fun book and my fave of the Camp Club girls series. So far, anyway!

Front Desk
by Kelly Yang

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I really liked the book “Front Desk” because it really had you understand the main character. She was a sweet little girl who made the best of everything. Best of all is that it is a true story.

Christy Miller volume 1
by Robin Jones Gunn

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This book is amazing! Three books in one volume, there is 4 volumes. Robin Jones Gunn has done it again! She mixes adventure, romance, friendship, faith, and emotion into each one of these page turning stories, which will keep readers engaged until the end of the series, in which I wish was never. A definite favorite!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days
by Jeff Kinney

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I love diary of a wimpy kid series! The only one I haven't read was wrecking ball it seems interesting just from the cover. My friends have read it but all of them say they love it. Now when I go to the library at my school all I check out is a diary of a wimpy kid and one other book. So that is my book report.

Where The Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

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we love reading this, we take turns saying the words we've memorized

Stuart Little
by E B White

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I like it because Stuart goes on adventures and sometimes gets into funny trouble.

Millie Keith Life Of Faith Series
by Martha Finley

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I love this book! It is clean, fun, and a page-turner! I recommend it! It is %100 my top favorite series!!!!!

Big Nate 5
by Lincoln Pierce

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It was good

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