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Calvin and Hobbs
by Bill Watterson

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Calvin and Hobbs is the best comic books I have ever read!! They are perfect for all ages and unbelievably funny. Watterson is an amazing artist!

Who I Am With You
by Robin Lee Hatcher

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Robin Lee Hatcher winds another enchanting and exciting love story that will take any person captive. This time, into Jessica and Ridley's worlds we shall go! Hatcher builds strong characters and interesting\sad\exciting\exhilerating stories that normally end happy, but that always end with finding the love of Jesus. Thank you Robin!!!!

The Land Of Stories Book 1
by Chris Colfer

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It was good!

11 Before 12
by Lisa Greenwald

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This book was very good. It taught me about friendship and kindness. I really liked it.

The Lonely Firefly By Eric Carle With Lights
by Eric Carle

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Make Your Bed
by Admiral William Mcraven

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Easy , good read. Helpful advice from this wise and learned man on how to change the world by beginning to order your own personal life first! Based on his commencement speech from his alma mater college. He provides clear and doable things to benefit yourself and those around you. enjoyed this read!!

Our Woman In Moscow
by Beatriz Williams

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I am a big fan of historical fiction but this book was a disappointment to me. It wasn't until the author's note after the novel ended that I learned of the historical episode the book was based on. Although I am now more interested in learning about the Cambridge spy ring, and the treasonous quartet, the novel itself did not convey "the stuff of legend." Without the author's note referencing this event from 1951. I would have been hard pressed to cite the history. At best, this is a novel about two sisters, Ruth and iris, and their lovers, with some sense of spies in and from Russia shortly after WW2, at the beginning of the cold war. A disappointing read for me.

Dachshund Through The Snow
by David Rosenfelt Andy Carpenter Series

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A very well done audiobook with a convincing narrator. No clue about the murderer.

Charlotte’s Web
by E.B. White

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I liked “Charlotte’s Web” because it was about a pig who made friends with a spider. Since they were friends, Charlotte did many things for Wilbur, like saving his life.

Cedar River Daydreams
by Judy Baer

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Cedar River Daydreams is a wholesome, hilarious series about a group of 17-year-olds and their struggles both in and out of school, their funny experiences, and how they find Jesus thru every problem. Judy Baer has written tons of these captivating, laugh-till-your-sides-hurt stories that will leave readers and fans loving the series until the end of time. I, for one, will love these books forever! Thank you, Judy!!

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