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They Called Us Enemy
by George Takei

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Tule Lake, Topaz, Poston, Minidoka, Amache, Gila River, Heart Mountain, Manzanar, Rohwer, Jerome. How can we say we know our history if we don’t know these names? After reading George Takei’s graphic novel, these names are as important to me for our history as those of Washington, Jefferson and Madison. These are the 10 internment camps set up by the US Government in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, to imprison American citizens and others of Japanese descent. Most of us know this happened, but George's writing makes it so real, and shares with us so many aspects that we may not think of; especially when much of it is told through his eyes as a child experiencing the relocation (which in truth, was indeed, imprisonment). Let that sink in. American citizens imprisoned on American soil just because of their lineage. Lieutenant General John DeWitt, Commander of the Western Defense Command, was one of the most responsible people for creating the hysteria and instilling generalized fear of Japanese people. FDR’s Executive Order 9066 stemmed from John DeWitt’s statements. Happily, there were heroes, and good people, too. I would put George’s parents in that category; his father’s strength and actions, in spite of such ill treatment, including living here for 25 years and being denied the chance to even take a citizenship test, were certainly heroic to me. As George’s father said, “ It is a people’s democracy and the people can do great things.” Perhaps a read of this book will inspire civic engagement. I hope so. You will also meet Herbert Nicholson, a Quaker missionary who delivered books to the camps each month, and devoted his life to advocating for Japanese Americans. Wayne Collins, an ACLU lawyer, who represented 935 plaintiffs in a challenge to order 9066 is someone we should all know more about. It is important to know and learn this history so that we can indeed learn from our mistakes. George’s work itself (beyond Star Trek) is worth knowing, and I have added the memorial to the Rohwer Relocation Center (Arkansas), and the Japanese American National Museum (Los Angeles) to my future travel plans as “must see” sites. I hope also, to be able to find a film copy or script of the play “Fly Blackbird”, a musical about social justice, which George performed in. I'm working on committing those 10 prison names to memory, too. A graphic novel can pack a powerful punch. I encourage adults to give this genre a try. Takei’s would be a good choice.

Where The Mountain Meets The Moon
by Grace Lin

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I enjoyed this book a lot that I am rereading it. There are lots of interesting Chinese folklore woven into the story and is very clever. A very enchanting tale with so many amazing characters. Grace Lin is a great author. Even though this book is a good read for younger children, I think it's something everyone should read.

The Bride's House
by Sandra Dallas

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This book really held my attention! It covers 3 generations from the 1880's through the 1950's. It's centered around a family in a mining town in Colorado. It involves romance, secrets and the loyalties we live for. Excellent!

Captured by Love
by Judy Hedlund

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Interesting. Intriguing. A little sexual. Sort of Christian-based. Not my pick for 14 and down. But definitely a good romance novel!

2.00 A Day Living On Almost Nothing In America
by Kathryn Edin

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This was an in depth look at the lives of Americans living on just $2.00 per day. It explored the strategies they use to survive and ways the system helps and hurts them. The book looks at the changes to the welfare system over the past decades. It was an eye opening book!

by Hugh Howey

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The creativity and imagination for the trilogy is amazing! Surprises, connections, understanding ... I have already downloaded the final book!

by Hugh Howey

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This one had me hooked pretty early on. I felt like I knew the characters and got invested in what was happening to them! Can't wait to go grab the next one.

Captain Underpants And The Terrifying Return Of Tippy Tinkletrousers
by Dav Pilkey

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I liked it

Fortune Funhouse
by Jana Deleon

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Another hilarious installment of the Miss Fortune series. The characters are fantastic and the story has some great twists.

Stay Sexy And Dont Get Murdered
by Karen Kilgariff Georgia Hardstark

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For those obsessed with true crime this is the book for you. Karen and Georgia lay it all on the table leaving nothing, including the dirty underbellies, to wonder. They are real women who have had real experiences and want only to love and support those who have gone through or are going through the same thing. If you love their podcast, My Favorite Murder, then you will love the book and knowing all the things.

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